Get To Know Us

Ecoimprint is 100% independently owned and operated by husband-and-wife team, Breezie and Jeremy Soward. After years of selling millions of dollars of promotional products for other companies they decided to do something crazy, start their own company.  They knew when Ecoimprint was born and put into motion they would have the absolute freedom to not only better service their clients but also have the freedom to set their own pricing and save their client’s money.  Ecoimprint has built their brand with one thing in mind, excellent customer service. Breezie and Jeremy believe that when you treat your client’s right, give them the best price and make sure their orders are delivered on time, they will come back. Call us old fashioned but we know the value of customer service. They also know the value of faith and family. Outside of Ecoimprint, Breezie and Jeremy are committed church members and are proud parents. 



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